Major Clients - Systems for National Security Facilities

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Major Clients

Special Government Department, Military HQ

Presidential Office / Presidential Security Office / Korean Navy 1st, 2nd, 3rd Commanding HQ / Navy Operation HQ
Naval Defense HQ at Mokpo, Inchon, Jeju / Korea Marine 6th Brigade / Air force / Army Com HQ / Army Information HQ

Government Departments

Ministry of Information and Communication / Central Radio Management Service / Jeju Regional Office of Meteorology /
Office of Oceans and Fisheries / Environmental Management Industry / Korea Forest Service / Korea Testing Laboratory /
KOSFIC DGPS Center / Seoul Regional Postal Administration

Local Government

Seoul Subway / Yongsan-gu / Seongbuk-gu / Guri-si / KangWon Bomba / Changwon-si / Gwangyang-si / KwangJo City /
IlSAN District / DeokYang District / KangHwa District / Samcheok-si / Seoul Metro Rail / YoungDo District

Sewage, Drinking Water Treatment Plants

Seoul Sewage / ChunCheon City Water Plant / ChangWon City Water Plant / DawSan County Water Plant / DeokNam Water Plant /
MilYang County Water Plant / BukMyeon Water Plant / KwangYang City Water Plant / BuAn Dam Office / Kuri City Sewage Plant /
DoGye County Sewage Plant / HeongSung County Water Plant

Broadcasting Stations, Telecom Base Stations

KBS Moak Mount Transmitting Station / KBS WonHyo Transmitting Station / KBS MangJin Mount Transmitting Station /
KBS HamBark Mount Relay Center / KBS PalGong Relay Center / KBS KamAk Relay Center / SBS Relay Center /
017 Shinsegi Telecom / SK Telecom / KBN BulMo Transmitting Station / KT Fretel / DaeGu BS HakGa Transmitting Station /
KT Western NetWork / MBC ChoRok Transmitting Station

Universities, Hospitals, Research Institutes, Factories, Golf, Clubs

HanYang University Fusion Center / JangAn University / Nuclear Hospital / MyungJi Hospital / PKL / SamSung SDS /
Tae Young Golf Club / NamSuWon Golf Club / ABB Korea / SeoHung Capsule / SamSung Electronics NETWORK /
HyunDae Heavy Industry / SamSung Co., / HanYang Univ AnSan Campus / Central RND Center

Special Government Agencies, ARMY, Public Enterprises

Presidential Office

NAVY Headquarters (for Twelve years, became NAVY's standard)

NAVY Regional HQ, and all Radar Stations

MARINES, Air Force Base

Defense Intelligence Commanding Office, Integrated Army HQ (Kyeryongdae)

Korea Highway Corporation, Radio Research Agency, Korea Tourism Organization, Korea Water Resources Corporation

Korea Electric Power Corporation, Korea Hydro-Nuclear Power Corporation

Maritime Fishery Offices at Inchon, Gunsan, Daesan, Seosan, Busan National Forest Service

Korea Broadcasting System - Unmanned Digital TV Relay Station

Korea Gas Corporation - Valve stations

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