The 3rd Generating Digital Grounding Apparatus
for Perfect Lightning Protection
No Ground Earthing

 Major Functions

  • Multi-functional / multi-coverage with Grounding + SPD + Integrated Lightning Protection
  • Integrated surge protection for electronic systems, communication-IT systems,
    instrumentation-control systems, broadcasting systems, radar systems, PLC, CCTV
    surveillance systems, etc.
  • Eliminate induced surges from power lines, communication lines, grounding lines
  • Eliminate induced surges from water pipes, gas pipes, conductive structures
  • Eliminate induced surges from Ground / Grounding systems (GPR: Ground Potential Rise), secondary surges discharged from SPD via energy conversion
  • Perform grounding & surge protection function together
  • Provide common grounding & equi-potential system
  • Multi-lightning response system (patent) – Global warming environment
  • Grounding device without burying in ground – easy & fast installation and transfer
  • Good for poor grounding environment i.e., islands, rocky areas, hilly areas and highlands
  • Mobile vehicle system surge protection for army and government mobile communication vehicles, RF testing vehicles, etc.

Integrated Perfect Lightning Surge Protection

  • WITH

  • Various kinds, numbers of Lightning Rods
  • Very low Earthing Resistance of Grounding
  • Numbers of Surge Protection Devices (SPD)
    (each SPD has different characteristics, and SPD needs to connect to GROUND)

    protect various systems, equipment
  • from Lightning Surges
  • from Induced Lightning Surges
  • from Reverse Surges
  • from Surges via Steel Structures, Other Conductive Structures Routes
  • Eliminate surges from power lines, data lines
  • Eliminate induced lightning surges via steel structures
  • Grounding for each equipment with equi-potential to protect equipment from all surges
  • Protect from induced lightning surge, reverse surge
  • US patented : eca3G itself is the Good GROUND

 : eka three G

  • Energy Conversion Apparatus Third Generation
  • Integrated surge protection with grounding function
  • Integrated perfect surge protection, enable to protect various surges from power lines, data lines, various equipment, steel structures, surrounding grounded conductive parts to cover all the possible surges
  • One is enabled to connect to max 20 surge protection points
  • can detect surges, surge energy conversion, neutralize, and eliminate all the surges which may enter into systems via power lines, data lines, external conductive parts (such as water & gas piping lines, steel structures).
  • has energy conversion and neutralization functions to convert electrical characteristics of surges into arc, heat, neutralization, and eliminate the surges.
  • makes EQUI-POTENTIAL environment of all the equipment and conductive parts, etc., which automatically improve the earthing resistance.
  • provides INTEGRATED SURGE PROTECTION to be able to connect max 20 points.

 Component Units

Internal Component Units of

  • eca3G
  • External Block
  • Internal Block
  • Detection/Safety/
    Surge Eliminate Unit
  • Modules-Energy
    Surge Discharge/
  • Multiple-Lightning
    Response Unit
  • Digital Analysys &
    Control Unit

Component Devices of

  • ① Power Quality Analysis Device
    This device is connected to AC mains in parallel. And analyze voltage & waveform of the incoming power. This device will activate Energy Conversion Device when detect abnormal power supply (such as lightning surge current etc)
  • ② Surge Protection Device
    This Device by-pass the Surge & Noise detected by Power Quality Analysis Device to Heat Conversion device, Neutralization Device, and Surge Discharging Device, so that block the surge and noise not to transfer to the protecting system
  • ③ Surge Discharging Device
    This Device discharge high voltage impulse from lightning surge by electric arc which are not by-passed from Surge Protection Device, convert high voltage impulse to discharging energy, eliminate electric energy, electrical characteristics
  • ④ Neutralization Device
    This Device neutralize positive electron or negative electron of abnormal high impulse electricity from lightning surge which are not by-passed from Surge Protection Device, eliminate lightning surge, noise perfectly using physical characteristics of mutual discharging of electrons
  • ⑤ Energy Conversion Device
    This device converts abnormal high impulse current electricity energy from lightning surge which are not by-passed from Surge Protection Device into hear energy with ㎲ (micro second) conversion speed, eliminate electrical characteristics of high impulse current from lightning surge perfectly using heat conversion catalyzer and high energy conversion unit.
  • ⑥ Ground Conductor Device (MGB)
    This Device provide ground conductor connectivity for protecting systems to be able to convert abnormal electric energy to heat energy, arc discharge energy, electron neutralization with energy conversion devices (Sure discharging Device, Neutralization Device, Heat energy conversion unit). Abnormal electricity is from ground earthing, external power line, data line etc, not from power supply line.