Lightning Surge

Lightning Surge Damages - Overvoltage Impulse Wave

  1. Waveform of lightning voltage/lightning current shows impulse wave shape, lightning impulse wave is called as surge which approach to max height (crest voltage) in micro second, disappear in micro second. Surge is an abnormal overvoltage that instantaneously occurs in electric circuit/ electric systems. Electric systems may have < dielectric breakdown >,
    < multi-function>, < degradation> because of surge.
  2. Waveform of overvoltage surge (impulse surge voltage) is a high frequency wave, easily transferring from a primary to secondary transformer, that can cause serious damage to semi-conductor components.
  3. When an overvoltage surge intrudes into an electric system or electronic equipment circuit, the overvoltage surge directly affects the electronic components and equipment to cause a dielectric breakdown, and causes serious damages such as pinhole or flashover.
  4. Electric / electronic systems connect to each other via integration, network and cables with a high integration level of IC chips (LSI, VLSI) with a more complicated system circuit, microelectronics, overvoltage current even with very short second easily make degradation, partial burn of electronic components. Thinner circuits, lower operation voltage of high integrated IC chips become weaker from surge.

Types of Lightning Surge Damages Which Clients Want to Solve With <eca3G>

  1. Equipment damage: component degradation
    1. Accumulated shock of repeated surges cause a system to shut down suddenly.
    2. Cards frequently changed (damaged)
    3. Faulty channel
    4. Loss of circuit insulation
    5. Shortening of component life span
    6. Burn-out: system down / system failure
  2. Electronic Equipment
    1. PCB damage
    2. Data transmission error
    3. Memory damage-Random system halt
    4. Hard Disc damage
    5. SCR (thyristor) faulty
    6. Process faulty
    7. Program error (88.3% of unknown damages of electronic equipment are from surges)
  3. Communication Line / Signal Line
    1. Input / Output unit damage
    2. Arc occurs at signal track
    3. Unknown communication error, signal error
  4. Operation Error
    1. Frequent ELCB/RCCB nuisance trip
    2. System operation error
    3. Unexpected output, reset, mode changes
  5. Power Supply Unit Damage
    1. Semiconductor component (SMPS) is easily damaged.
    2. Surge pass through linear power supply unit, damage inner components.
    3. DC power system trip (rectifier trip)
    4. Power trip, power supply unit faulty

Lightning surge damages on electric/electronic equipment